Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Bats, Votes and Sites

A few random unconnected things to blurt out today.
Firstly, an image of mine has made it onto my favourite illustration Blog: Drawn which is nice. It's something I did a year or two ago, for a secret shadowy organisation of illustrators I belong to called Robotface, which decided amongst its members to put together a book of illustrated animals. I contributed a couple: Vampire Bat and Goat. I'd forgotten all about the project, but it seems you can now view it online, or buy a hard-copy (once a slight hiccup with the printer has been sorted out).

Here's my critters:

My personal favourites from the book are The Deer, The Ibis, The Nymph and The Squid. Good work shadowy-illustration-collective!

Also, while I'm here, the Orange Unlimited site I worked on a few months back seems to be picking up lots of attention in end-of-the-year best-of lists, Campaign put it in their top 10 pieces of digital creative work for the year, Contagious magazine has put it in their list of Most Contagious things of the year, and its one of the 12 finalists in the FWA website of the year - which you can vote on HERE!

Plus I've just started on the redesign of my main Rexbox site - it's going to be quite different soon...

Monday, 10 December 2007


There's a new Rexbox fan page now up on Facebook - so if you enjoy doing pointless activities like biting people as a virtual vampire, or "buying" drinks for friends then join up here:

RexFace BoxBook

Sunday, 2 December 2007


I sneaked away from the computer last week to attend the Pictoplasma festival in Berlin. And what a fine time it was. The work shown was of a very high-standard and there were some really interesting guest speakers to meet, like Aaron Stewart , David O'Reilly , TokyoPlastic and DouDouBoy.

David O'Reilly premiered his new short, which was about the closest example I've seen of animation and motion graphics becoming art. And TokyoPlastic previewed their new series of shorts, which have been commissioned by Qoob - in the same way that my new secret project has been, so was interesting to see what they've produced...

Plus it was a great excuse to explore Berlin, consume meat and beer and play ping-pong with teenagers.