Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Gripping Myspace

The main character from my forthcoming MTV QOOB series Grip Wrench has made himself a Myspace page, which he knocked together on his Atari ST, with a bit of help from me. Yes I know, Myspace is so 2006, but thats fairly appropriate for someone who's still trapped in 1986.

Here's his page:


So you can go and befriend him online now, although he's a fairly messed-up character, so be careful. He's into death and grooming.

Saturday, 12 April 2008


The great gods of the Internet (I've decided they are called LOLZ & PRON) have decided to award the Orange Unlimited site I made with Poke London a Webby nomination in the "Best Visual Design - Aesthetic" category. 

It's a public vote, so if you feel like voting, or checking out any of the other finalists (all of which are amazing) go henceforth here.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Ladyflesh of the Ancients

Snow is falling, I'm attempting to watch Renaissance with one eye (not my sort of animation at all, looks like a load of Poser models bumping into each other), and I'm typing this on my new Macbook Pro, surrounded by all the scattered manuals for my newly purchased Adobe CS3 crate of software. 

All this new kit should really speed up my, what I think professionals call, "workflow" - which is just as well, as animation is probably the slowest and most time-consuming artistic medium of all... And what am I using all this new equipment for? Making an old ladies breasts jiggle about. Big lumps of eighty year old ladyflesh pressed up against the screen are probably exactly how Apple Computer Inc were hoping I would unlock my creativity

Here's a still of her, before the top comes off. You wouldn't want to see a static shot of her after that happens, trust me.

Its taken from one tiny scene of my MTV QOOB animated series Grip Wrench, that'll be hitting screens soon (both on the telly, and online). 

...And then all will be revealed (consider that a warning).