Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Design Museum: Designs of the Year

My eyes are going funny. I've been spending the last few days designing and animating in a retro pixel-art style, and now the world around me is talking on a 16-bit 2D videogame appearance; I'm walking sideways and picking up roast chickens off the ground to regain "health" but at least I seem to have unlimited credits. Anyway, all will be revealed soon, here's a teaser:

Anyway, back in the real, 3D, realistically rendered world, the Design Museum has revealed its "Designs of the Year" Award / Exhibition - and the Orange GoodThingsWillNeverEnd site I produced with Poke is in it. Blimey. It was quite odd to see my animated doodles of vikings and sasquatches featured alongside the iPhone, the Nintendo Wii, Peter Saville's identity for Kate Moss, the Helvetica documentary and the Dior spring collection. But I shan't complain..

I was celebrating far too much to point a camera at anything on the opening night, but since then I've sneaked back and recorded some evidence:

It's a nice exhibition, and worth attending if you're in London, even if you just spend the whole time playing with the Tenori-On machine:

Monday, 11 February 2008

Best Creative Campaign of 2007 is...

....that GoodThingsShouldNeverEnd site I did with Poke, for Orange Unlimited, at least that's according to the Internet Advertising Bureau & Microsoft Digital Advertising who awarded it at its Grand Prix awards, so thats nice. I might buy a iced bun to celebrate.

Armful of Smack

Thanks everyone that came along to SmackIII on Friday, it was a load of fun. Merf, Brother, Superstar PJ, and Forward-Thinking-Tam all did fantastic sets, and I was able to doodle on everyone that was too intoxicated to fight me off. I'll try and collate photos from anyone that has any (let me know if you do), but here's a couple to start with:

I got a bit carried away, doodling on myself.

An innocent piano-playing child is approached by DEATH.

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Smack III

There's a bit of an event happening this friday, the third in the successfully riotous Smack series. Once again some friends of mine are going to be DJing and playing some handsome mixes (Expect wonky-disco, electro, fidget house, ghettotech) and I'll be adding vaguely to the proceedings by bringing my pencil-case and giving a temporary felt-tip tattoo to anyone that wants one. So come along, dance around, get drawn on, make happiness.

Here's the venue:

Here's the flyer I made for it:

Here's the back, with all the details:

And here's a zoomed-in bit, so you can see just how excited that pirate is by the turntablism on display in front of him:

And in other news I just updated the banner at the top of the blog, so that the little Hairy Tooth now occasionally blinks. So scroll up and look! Now!