Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Reel of Show

Having got a load of projects out of the way I've had a little bit of spare time to cobble together a new showreel, filled with the things I've been doing for the last year or so. Here it is, via the lovely Vimeo (although, I reckon the version on facebook is better quality, which you can watch here)

So, for a bit of a rundown of whats in there, its got:
LittleBigPlanet (Intro, Motion Graphics, Game Graphic and Visual design)
Grip Wrench (Directing, animating, writing, doing the pictures, basically making it)
Orange Unlimited (Designing & animating)
Orange Mr. Sim (Designing & animating)
Orange Nokia (Designing & animating)
PSST! Pass It On (Directing/Animating)
And some older bits like Masked Balls (E4), Legends (onedotzero), Violence etc

Now I just need to get on and finish the new Rexbox website...

Monday, 13 October 2008

LittleBigPlanet BigLittleShop

As the LittleBigPlanet hype machine rumbles on, Sony have built a pop-up shop in London, themed around the game, to run creative workshops, give punters the chance to play it on PS3, and hopefully buy it once it comes out next week!

It's a really nice design, giant furniture that makes even the largest visitor feel tiny and child-like, huge Sackboy dolls, and it was fun to see my artwork plastered (or should that be stickered) all over the walls. It's basically the closest you'll ever get to being inside the game unless you mess up like Jeff Bridges in Tron and get beamed into your PS3.

Unfortunately when I skivved off work today to return to take some pictures it was closed for the day, so all of these where taken from the outside, and without happy-faced monsters fighting with their parents for "just one more go" - which it was like at the weekend. Even TVs Jonathan Ross was spotted there on Sunday playing it with his kids and doodling on the doodle wall. Awright.

More pictures on my Rexbox Facebook page.

If you fancy coming along the address is:

Unit 1&23 Thomas Neal's Centre,
Covent Garden, London, WC2

Saturday the 11th Oct 2008 to
Monday the 17th Nov 2008

Monday, 6 October 2008

Mr Sim

As I was logging into my Facebook page this morning I got assaulted by a load of banner adverts with things whizzing about and distracting me, and they were more distracting to me than usual because I made them.

Orange and Poke asked me to work up a character I was playing around with back when I was illustrating and animating the Good Things Should Never End site: an animated Sim card. And he's now gone on to star in a number of ads and print stuff. Famous little fella.

Mister Sim is a miscevious little chap, obsessed with eating and talking and flashing his gold gnashers. He's just generally extremely mouthy despite his tiny size, as you can see from some of the examples I've lifted out of the ads below.

Orange have also made him a fan page too on Facebook, although be careful: he does bite.