Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Guybrush Threepwood

One of my favourite games from childhood, Monkey Island, is getting a re-release next week, all smartened up for the HD generation. Personally i'm not a fan of the new HD visuals, probably because I grew up with the old version, I'm a big fan of pixelly retro-ness and the youngsters shouldn't listen to old salty dogs like me.

But in the meantime I couldn't resist a sketch of the games sometime-hero Guybrush Threepwood as he exists in my world of doodles and piratey memories:


Michael Nischt said...

Yeah, like your concept of Guybrush much more than the one of the HD remake.. though the backgrounds and other characters and I find quite ok...

Btw. did you see screenshots fromTales of Monkey Island? IMHO these look really, really bad!

Well let's hope for a Little Big Guybrush and Le Chuck ;-)

Tulsi said...

Check out what Ron Gilbert thinks about your sketch:


Marcus Hadlock said...

Awesome! I love the textures- this is very cool

Bianca Beneduci said...

Fantastic! Love the colours,shapes and textures.

Brilliant work.
Huge Fan!